Social Media

February 19, 2013

Social media has changed the face of communication, and is only growing in popularity. It has become a key factor in promotion, outreach, and communication for millions of people every day.

SocialMediaFor me, the key to social media is to make a personal connection. I’ve met amazing people online and many have become friends, and some have even become clients in my graphic design and social media career. Very few of my tweets are automated because where is the “social” if you robo-post?

Companies use social media to reach out to new and existing customers, to advertise their products or services, or to engage with like-minded groups and individuals.  The general public uses it to connect to others from across the globe for various purposes.

Whether it’s used as a means of two-way communication or as a means to “broadcast” advertise, there is no wrong way to use social media.

I’ve worked with Katharine on a variety of projects from charity work to Social Media Camp and was a colleague of hers. Katharine has an extremely empathetic character that serves her well in social media — she ‘gets’ what people need and want – she is the consummate engaging type and community spokesperson – with an innate, organic, personal touch. [More] – Scott McDonald