June 25, 2013

It’s not often that you come across the unique combination of talent, humour, wit and generosity in a business situation, all wrapped up in one person! I recently spoke at a Social Media conference with Katharine, and she was able to turn one of my usual mishaps (my nickname is Crash) into an infographic that was[…]

Viveka von Rosen

I’ve worked with Katharine on a variety of projects from charity work to Social Media Camp and was a colleague of hers. Katharine has an extremely empathetic character that serves her well in social media — she ‘gets’ what people need and want – she is the consummate engaging type and community spokesperson – with[…]

Scott McDonald

I’ve never met Katharine Holmes, but that’s never an obstacle working with her and her graphic design skills!

 Katharine’s created graphic designs for “Vampire Mob,” an original series, including banner ads seen on BlackSkyRadio.com and on Blip.tv and she also made several designs that we are currently using on merchandise, including coffee mugs, travel mugs and water[…]

Joe Wilson

In 2012, I hired Katharine to create a logo for my sewing business. She created a lovely, simple logo incorporating the image of a dandelion – a ‘flower bubble’ as my youngest daughter calls them. A year later, I hired her to create an Etsy shop banner and a blog header. She was able to[…]

Barbara Lawson – Flower Bubbles Handmade Gifts

Katharine’s graphic design work is that wonderful combination of creativity and technical skill. In designing my website, business card and logo, she created an image that works on multiple levels, capturing the meaning and energy that is WordSpring with colours and style that reflect who I am as the principal of the business. She’s consultative,[…]

Catherine Novak

Katharine has designed numerous marketing materials for both Humboldt House B&B and Terrible Truffles. She did and outstanding job designing my brochure and web-site. I would highly recommend Katharine for any marketing needs you might have.

David Booth

In early May 2009, we wanted to create a brand for Victoria Tweetup. Tweetups tend to be informal gatherings of individuals who use Twitter, but we knew that in order to expand our reach in Victoria BC, we would need to establish more regular times for meeting. To further develop the brand, we asked Katharine to[…]

Janis Lacouvée

Katharine designed the initial logo, brochures and promotional materials for Social Media Camp and did an outstanding job. She has a keen eye for design and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

Chris Burdge